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We offer the service of welding elements made of constructional steel, alloy steels, as well as aluminum and its alloys by MIG, MAG, TIG and coated electrode methods. Our employees are PN-EN ISO 9606 welder examinations, which allows us to carry out the most complex orders.


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Spawanie to proces łączenia materiałów metalowych poprzez stopienie i złączanie ich razem przy użyciu odpowiedniej metody, co prowadzi do powstania trwałego i wytrzymałego połączenia. Jest to niezwykle istotna technika w przemyśle, budownictwie, motoryzacji oraz wielu innych dziedzinach, gdzie nie tylko wymagane są trwałe połączenia metalowe, ale także istnieje potrzeba precyzji oraz zrozumienia właściwości materiałów.

Proces ten obejmuje różnorodne techniki, takie jak spawanie gazowe, spawanie łukowe (TIG, MIG/MAG), spawanie plazmowe czy spawanie oporowe, z których każda ma swoje zastosowanie w zależności od rodzaju materiałów i warunków pracy.

Spawane połączenia mogą być wykorzystywane do budowy konstrukcji stalowych, produkcji pojazdów, remontów oraz wytwarzania różnorodnych elementów metalowych, stanowiąc nieodzowny fundament wielu procesów produkcyjnych i konstrukcyjnych.



We weld small things as well as big things because we have a 4.5 ton overhead crane. We have more than 30 welding machines in our machine park . Inter-metal has quality certificates EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 3834-2 and 15085 CL2. We also provide MIG/MAG robot welding services, so we ensure the highest quality, repeatability and fast execution of orders.



The robotic welding station consists of a FANUC AM120iD/12L welding robot, moves on a linear positioner (track) from a length of 9 meters and is equipped with two workstations, each equipped with a rotary positioner with a passive axis with a lifting capacity of 1.5t, with a length of 3.5m and a rotation diameter of 2m .When the welding process is carried out at one of the stations, the other station is used to unload/load the workpiece. The robot is equipped with the latest FRONIUS TPSi 500 CMT current source with torch and torch cleaning station on the market. The multiprocessor current source allows welding of all basic materials with solid and powder wires. The repeatability of our robot’s movements is 0.03 mm. Our robot bears the “CE” marking and is built in accordance with European standards, with special attention to MD 2006/42/WEDirective EMC 2014/30/EU.

Robotic welding – keeping in mind the safety of our employees, punctuality, the quality of services offered by our company and the continuous development of our machine park since 2023, robotized welding is included in our offer. The robot arm was provided by Fanuc and the source is a Fronius TPS/i-500 CMT.
The station is equipped with two work zones, where the work of the operator and the robot can be performed in parallel reducing changeover times to a minimum and repeatability is at a level inaccessible to humans.

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