Our history

of company growth

We are proud to share with you the milestones that have contributed to our success and growth. From our inception to the present day, we have achieved many goals and overcome many challenges.


Establishment of the company Inter-Metal

The first milestone of our company was the moment of founding. It marked the beginning of our road to success. Through years of hard work and dedication, we managed to develop the company with a solid foundation.


Implementation of the ISO 9001 quality standard

The implementation of the ISO 9001 Quality Standard is a key step in improving quality management in an organization. This international standard is recognized as one of the most important tools for achieving operational excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Implementation of ERP system

In 2011, our company introduced a new ERP system, which has brought great benefits and improvements to our business processes. Thanks to this solution, we are able to manage resources more efficiently, monitor performance and improve business strategies. The new system has made our company operate more efficiently and we are now better prepared to meet market demands.


First expansion

The company’s first expansion was an important step toward the future for us. The office building now provides a strong foundation for further business development, and the new production hall has enabled us to expand our product range and gain a larger market share.


Getting on the road of
Lean Manufacturing

Embarking on the path of Lean Manufacturing is not only a change in the way we think and organize our work, but also a strategy that strives for operational excellence. With this system, our company has been able to effectively increase its productivity while minimizing time and financial losses.


Second expansion

By bringing in more office space and another production hall, we are not only increasing our production capacity, but also enabling more efficient use of resources and optimization of operational processes. This expansion is not only a physical extension of our infrastructure, but also a powerful step forward in our commitment to customer service and improving the quality of our products. It is a symbol of our relentless pursuit of excellence, not only in technical aspects, but also in delivering excellent customer service. As we open up new opportunities, we become even more ready for the future, ready to meet market expectations and provide our customers with products and services of the highest quality.


Implementation of the ISO 15085 railroad standard

ISO 15085 is an international standard that specifies requirements for the manufacture and repair of rail vehicles. Through its implementation, the company has earned a certificate confirming that it meets the highest standards of quality and safety.