Our company

Inter-Metal Company

We are an innovative company with high-quality services and products. We offer a wide range of products for various industries and focus on continuous development and investment in new technologies. Our priority is customer satisfaction, and we maintain high quality work through our employees.

Our goal

We want to increase the efficiency of production processes and improve product quality. We also plan to introduce modern technologies and innovative solutions to increase competitiveness in the market.

Our history

Inter-Metal S.C. is a friendly and partnership Company that flexibly adapts its resources to the needs and requirements of the client.

Inter-Metal S.C. was established on September 1, 2005, and since its inception has offered a wide range of services in laser cutting, sheet metal bending, machining and locksmithing. Priority is given to the highest product quality and complete customer satisfaction. The way to achieve this is through experience, knowledge and passion.

Sheet metal processing technology is a challenge in laser cutting, through the process of cutting structural steels, stainless steels to laser cutting of aluminum as well as laser processing of profiles and pipes.

Inter-Metal S.C. is also characterized by the comprehensiveness of its services. Our machine park allows us to perform many metalworking services independently.

Our strengths

What makes us stand out?

Experienced personnel

Our company is a team of qualified specialists in various fields with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our priority is to retain employees who are constantly improving their skills through training and workshops. We strive to provide the highest level of service, exceeding customer expectations through a focus on quality.

Modern machinery

Modern high-end machines allow us to achieve the proper quality expected by our customers, which is supervised by the Quality Control cell equipped with modern measuring machines that allow us to take measurements with an accuracy of several micrometers. Having modern and efficient equipment, we can realize the most complex orders always on time!

Own transportation

We are a company that offers our own transportation to our customers. This gives us full control over the delivery process and allows us to guarantee our customers fast and safe delivery of goods. We have a fleet of vehicles of different tonnages, which allows us to customize transportation to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Our services

What do we do?

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